• Uisdean Murray

Series 2 Finale, Spooky Scotland & Festivals!

We've had a busy few months at D4H HQ. Our indie web series has been selected for many festivals including the Seoul Web Fest where it was nominated in three categories, the Realist Web Fest in Russia, TromaDance Detroit and the upcoming Death's Parade Film Festival in California.

July saw the release of our final episode of series 2, Stage Fright! another unique and fun episode which sees The Demonologist called in to a night club when the headline of a cabaret starts to act very oddly indeed...

We are currently taking a short break before starting work on series 3 which promises to be very exciting and we may see a few familiar faces make an appearance. In the meantime look out for more episodes from our spin-off series Joe Caxee and his Haunted Taxi and be sure to check out The Demonologist and Joe Caxee in the brand new episode of Spooky Scotland.

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